Digital Bank for Latin America

Superdigital: a digital multiplatform bank focused on financial inclusion of low-income users.


My goal: Build the experience for the Saving & Investments squad
Teams: 6 squads
Duration: 5 months, 9 sprints
Version: Portuguese, Spanish
Client: Superdigital, Santander Group, for Try Consultancy / WPP Group,
Remote job for São Paulo – Brazil, 2020


To launch the digital bank app second version, we had to redesign the experience from scratch based on insights and opportunities found in the research.


We had to reach out to three difficult target audiences:
People without access to banks and/or who doesn’t trust banks.
· People who uses cash or think that money digitalization is not necessary.
· People who has difficulty using technology or finds hard to understand banking products.

Project Goal

Financial Inclusion: allow people and small businesses to prosper by giving them access to essential financial services in an easy and intuitive way.

This project is confidential and can’t be published due to company agreements. To check the full project, please contact me.
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